Sky Ferreira Goes Gangster Wannabe in “I Blame Myself”

Keep it G.

“How could you know what it feels like to be outside yourself?”

The question posed at the very beginning of Sky Ferreira’s “I Blame Myself” is an interesting one, especially when you take a look at what you might think is a Training Day-esque tribute to the “underworld in broad daylight” depiction of LA in this new visual jammy jam. Sauntering through the trap shuttin’ down deals, dance breaks in vacant lots, lampin’ with the homies on parked cars blocking residential streets (‘cuz fuck traffic), straddling cops and getting buck naked in the middle of interrogations, ju heard?! Real G-Shit off top.

I Blame Myself Music Video By Sky Ferreira Group Shot 1

Considering the content of the lyrics to “I Blame Myself,” it’s almost as if the video itself are her lyrics personified, unless of course she is the Hans Zimmer of the trap; holding “You Got Served” tryouts in empty lots, ghost-riding the whip, and straight owning cops during interrogations, sorta like this guy. You know, Sky was born in LA, breh, so maybe.

Or maybe the video is just a good foundation for the folks at SSENSE to direct a video for one of their favorite artists (so they could also meander into a high-end lookbook to showcase some spring/summer goods). Yeah.

I Blame Myself Music Video By Sky Ferreira Group Shot 2

Check out the video above, get lost in the sauce, and maybe buy you some nice buttery leather jawn jawns.

Sky Ferreira I Blame Myself Music Video by SSENSE 2014

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