Skratch Bastid’s 2013 James Brown Routine

Canadian DJ Skratch Bastid whips up a special James Brown "Sex Machine" routine to commemorate the Godfather of Soul's 80th birthday.

First things first. Happy birthday James Brown! If “The Godfather of Soul” and pillar stone of Hip-Hop were here today he’d be 80 years old. Now for the goods. Like any practitioner of the 5 elements, Canadian turntable wizard Skratch Bastid knows that he wouldn’t be doing what he does if it weren’t for the remarkable culture that James Brown’s tracks spawned. To honor the legendary musician’s legacy Skratch decided to hook up a little “Sex Machine” routine that DJ Aladdin once inspired him try out. Watch as the DJ introduces his knowledge of James and cuts it real crazy on the 1’s and 2’s.

*Special note to all of the DJ’s and record collectors in New York City this weekend. You may just want to head out to this year’s Brooklyn Flea Record Fair and dig up some of those JB gems yourself!*





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