“Off Tha’ Wall” – Skeme

We talk with Inglewood, California's Skeme about his wide variety of hobbies and more.

In this episode of “Off Tha’ Wall,” we kick it with up-and-coming West Coast rapper Skeme. The Inglewood lyricist talks about how he got his name, dropping out of recording school, as well as Pimp C’s influence on his life. He also tells us about his favorite hobbies outside of music like playing dominoes and NBA 2K, judging thots, and editing Instagram pictures. Watch above to see Skeme decide between Martin and Fresh Prince, and explain why he’d pick Aaliyah over Beyonce and Rihanna. Make sure to check out Skeme’s latest project Ingleworld, and enter below for a chance to see him live at in NYC with Dom Kennedy.

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