Warpaint Disco Very Keep It Healthy

Skating With Warpaint On

Rocker girls and skater boys.

The Los Angeles-based indie rock ladies of Warpaint have a new self-titled album out, and to coincide with its release there’s a double-whammy, double-dipping video that not only features singles “Disco//Very” and “Keep It Healthy,” but also a pack of novelty shredders for our viewing pleasure.

I know the argument, skate purists will complain, “Oh, now everyone wants street cred to look bad ass and have skaters in their videos now.” Listen here, there’s no fucking extra “street cred” to be had when your album’s produced by Flood and Nigel Godrich (music gods whose combined golden list of production credits include everyone from Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails to Paul McCartney, R.E.M., and Radiohead).

So naysayers, please gently STFU, crank these tunes up, and enjoy the visuals of four good-looking bad girls, while four equally charming bad boys (Illinois OG, Patrick Melcher being one of them) skate their asses off.

Kickflip in Warpaint Skating Video
Girls dancing on hill with skater pushing in the background
Skater dropping down ledge
Skaters and group walking into cloud of smoke
Warpaint Disco Very Keep It Healthy

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