Ice Cream Skateboarding Ski Mask

Skaters Will Rob Your Ice Cream Truck

Kick, push, rob.

It’s real in the field out in beautiful San Diego. Apparently, shit is so hardcore that prepubescent homies on skateboards are robbing ice cream trucks at gunpoint.

According to reports, a boy believed to be between the ages of 10 and 12 years old, held up a local ice cream truck at gunpoint in the Skyline neighborhood of South East San Diego. The incident happened a few days ago with the suspect still at large.

Rat Lord’s analysis? Any town with a name like Skyline has to be boring and or rich as fuck. And with that comes the likelihood of idle times, which in turn leads to juvenile delinquency. I mean hell, that’s why most troubled kids get into skateboarding in the first place. Now, I’m neither condoning robbery or assuming that this kid is in any way the new generation of twisted skate youth, but yo, skateboarders aren’t all groomed to be soft drink endorsement-sweet. Some will stop your ice cream truck, take the money, and dash. Sorry.

Check out this NBC LA news report snippet via Instagram for the most gnarly concluding skate-related quote ever. “Detectives say he approached the truck, he held a gun to the driver, and demanded cash before he escaped on a skateboard.”

Ice Cream Skateboarding Ski Mask

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