Skateboarding New York City 1995 Streets VHS

Skate Video Of The Week: “Welcome To 1995”

A blast from the New York City skateboard past!

This week’s pick of the litter is a blast from New York City’s past thanks to the soft goods and wheel makers of Prizefighter Cutlery. According to the story, all the 16mm footage in this throwback edit was locked up in a vault and stored in a refrigerator before seeing the actual light of day. It was supposed to be featured in an exclusive New York City-centric video for Big Brother magazine. Though the actual details are fuzzy, it’s said to showcase the likes of Big Apple legends Ray Wong and Javier Nuñez among others circa 1995.

Watch as the nostalgia bleeds out this bitch with a golden jazz soundtrack and a barrage of sweet brick tricks at the Brooklyn Banks’ iconic “little banks” spot along with some mellow street riding. Though more for the feel and baggy look of the era, than any insane modern-day hammers, this jawn comes correct. But hey, a boardslide down the Bank rails at that time wasn’t some soft shit either. Thank you Prizefighter!

Skateboarding New York City 1995 Streets VHS

Skateboarding New York City 1995 Streets VHS

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  • Prize Fighter

    Good times! Thanks for posting this up. It was all 16mm film-not VHS, though…

  • Rat Lord

    Word! Thanks for the heads up.