Skate Video Of The Week: Seimi Miyahara’s “Lenz II” Part

Skate Video Of The Week: Seimi Miyahara’s “Lenz II” Part

Japanese swag is on the rise again. Though many would argue it’s always been high in the realm of skateboarding. But this ain’t no Bathing Ape or Harajuku fetish that stormed the early 2000’s thanks to Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. This right here, is the land of the rising sun’s finest in balls to the wall shredding thanks to Shinpei Ueno’s “LENZ II” film that dropped late in 2013 (arguably the most prolific and underrated skate film of the year). This is Seimi Miyahara’s part and it kicks ass and takes names. Dude’s intro is a boardslide to ollie over a rail! Geez, just think about what the rest looks like. There’s something in Japanese genetics that allows those swaggy mofos to consecutively ollie more than any other race on the planet (not to be racist or anything). They’re like fucking grasshoppers on a hot griddle with the board. Christ!

Seimi Miyahara Skateboarding Lenz II