Off The Braxx Drop In Skateboarding

Skate Video Of The Week: “Off The Braxx”

Youth skateboarding at its finest!

The kids are alright. Yep, with a slew of new videos dropping just about every week thanks to the interwebs and the end-of-year scramble, New York City can rest assured that its skateboarding young are doing it well.

This week’s pick come’s from filmer Harry Corrigan’s batch and features a motley crew of Big Apple young gunners along with a few supporting outsiders. Before all you skate nerds get your panties in a bunch, I’d like to note that, yes this video dropped last week. But it takes a fine establishment like this one time to digest and process it (or my ass to muster this bomb-ass review), so fuck off!

Off The Braxx” features the likes of ICECREAM riders Andre Beverley and Jamel Marshall, along side newcomers Larry Schmidt and Australian ripper Ray Macken, proof that the video is equal parts black and white – always a good thing in videos. And I mean, this in the best of ebony and ivory sentiments. Hell, if the youth aren’t mixing on the board, society sure as hell isn’t going to do it! And where else are you going to hear a soundtrack that features Lil Bibby, Lil Reese, Pity Sex, and the epic synth-laden indie rock smash that is College & Electric Youth’s “A Real Hero” all in one playlist? You’re going to have to thank your boy Nate Rojas’ part for that one – who we happen to love because the homie is constantly in tie dye with his OG Puerto Rican fro like its 1976 – right on hermano!

Also look out for Belief Skateboard shop’s newest team recruit, Andrew Valencia ripping with steez to spare on this jawn. Proof that Latino skaters are plotting to run NY like The Kings and Dominicans ran Riker’s in ’95. But OTB saves the best for last with the firecracker known as Dylan Witkin and his amazing part set to Lords of the Underground’s “Chief Rocka.” BOOM SHAKA LAK!!!

Off The Braxx Drop In Skateboarding

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