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Skate Video of the Week: Tengu Intro

Skate Video of the Week: Tengu Intro

Rooftop skateboarding. Yes.

You may be noticing a Japanese trend with our recent selects, but we promise, this one’s only influenced by the Asiatic title. A rather appropriate one for one of 2013’s most talked about independent videos. Director, Collin Reed, pretty much pushes skateboarding to new and unique urban bounds. The newly-released full rooftop intro shows you exactly what we mean. Hold on to your ass, this action-packed short gets you psyched and gives you vertigo at the same damn time! Fans can buy their very own copy here.

Tengu God Of Mischief Skateboarding


  • NGASC hands are sweaty haha

  • Rat Lord

    Skate porn.