Skate Video of the Week: Sabotage’s “Los Angeles”

2014 skateboarding in 1992 LA.

On the Lord’s day, #OnTheGrind calls out a new skate edit that slapped us out of our boredom during the work week and reminded us why we were born to roll, and we share it with you. 

Flash back to 1992 with the squad behind Illadelphia’s infamous “Sabotage” series. This time around the crew took a break from their trifecta’d indie skate video series to get some rollage in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Besides all the sketchy b-roll of Skid Row alumni and female rears, viewers should keep a look out for appearances from Josh Kalis and Thrasher’s Skater of The Year, Ishod Wair. Enjoy some East Coast-flavored pushing sauteed with a side of “Dre Day playing over the footage. And try not to laugh at a whole lot of sus lyrics about butt-fucking retaliation, and your mom being a San Francisco lesbian, the worst kind!


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