Loony Bin Gate

Skate Video of the Week: Loony Bin

Lord Finesse, Big L, and Gangstarr tunes on a cuckoo-ass NYC skate edit.

Presenting the newly-released Loony Bin video, brought to you by the good scumbags over at LurkNYC (same folks that brought us CCTV Surveillance Master Tape). Edited by Nick vonWerssowetz and featuring the likes of local Big Apple skate celebrities Genesis Evans, Shawn Powers, and Adrian Vega, the tape is 24 minutes of boom bap rap and raw New York City spots sprinkled with a bit of San Francisco’s hills. Brother Powers (and his baggy steez) closes the video out to E Rule’s “Listen Up,” to give you a taste of what we’re working with. There’s also some tough Gang Starr, Lord Finesse, De La Soul, and thangs of the  in the piece. Definitely one to roll to, get hype to, then skate high to. Word to Big L and all the New York City-based crazies out there!

It’s cold out, Christmas cometh, and skaters need motivation. Cop Loony Bin ($15) here.




Loony Bin Gate

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