Mark Gonzales Skateboard Bicycle BMX

Skate Video of the Week: Gonzo in SoHo

Mark Gonzales for mayor!

While New York City may have inaugurated Bill De Blasio as its new mayor, Rat Lord and all of the Big Apple skate rats know that if it were up to us we’d appoint a different fellow. His name’s Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales. I mean, hell, there’s a reason why he’s already a more than mythical character in the skateboard world, with a candidate-worthy slogan to support – In Gonz We Trust. Last week skate filmer Taji Ameen released a short edit that captures the eccentric, cigar-loving, kid-at-heart, Gonzales making his bouncy rounds about the glam streets of SoHo (shot sometime before Christmas). Dude was whipping around a clunky bmx and just about the widest skateboard known to man, below Houston Street whilst pulling off all kinds of wheelie, boardslide and wallride shenanigans. Mark Gonzales for mayor 2018. You heard it here first!

Mark Gonzales SoHo Cigar Hat Blue Bubble Patagonia

Mark Gonzales Skateboard Bicycle BMX

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