Skate Life In Vines with Mira CoNYo

Check out the first installment of Skate Life In Vines with New York City's Mira CoNYo skate crew.

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Ask around and most 4-wheeled OG’s will let you know that the 90’s were easily the proverbial “golden era” of New York City skateboarding. It was the decade that birthed the iconic Supreme skate shop (1994)–now a brand that’s coveted just as much internationally as the very New York streets it first appeared on. It also played muse to Larry Clark’s Kids (1995)–now an infamous timepiece of the era and the catalyst that fostered the rise of one of the city’s most beloved skate legends, the late Harold Hunter.

Fast forward to today and the footprint of that spontaneous time continues to fuel the current direction of East Coast skateboarding, including the new generation that carries its torch. Meet the Mira CoNYo skate crew. They skate New York City. Here’s a look into the adventures that they get into as told to us by member Joey Pops in this first installment of their Skate Life In Vines:

Lud’s Crib (Washington Heights, Manhattan) – You might have seen this on MTV’s Washington Heights, but before that Lud’s spot was where we met up to watch vids and parlay. Here Lud’s twisting up a J before we hit a Queens photoshoot for a streetwear company called Mota (pun definitely intended).

J-Hood Park (Washington Heights, Manhattan) – Our TF (training facility) chill spot. We come here to skate and piff and drink in the process. We constantly bump heads with the parks department who throws away our skate obstacles, most recently an up-box donated by Mosaic NY.

5Boro x KCDC Skate Night (Brooklyn) – Went to check Allen Ying’s photos and some mini ramp shredage.

Low Key Tee (Washington Heights, Manhattan) – We like to focus on quality when we do things, so for the Low Key Tee we printed on Champion shirts because they can take a beating when you skate and the fit is correct. We threw the hands on the back because it be annoying to having kooks all up in your personal bubble trying to decipher what it is youre rocking. Pardon my back.

*Mira CoNYo is a band of brothers dedicated to the creative bond inspired by New York City skateboarding. We skate and rep Uptown Manhattan. Free Max B.*

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Joey Pops
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Mira CoNYo & Friends

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