Singer of Pink Cover Band Sued for Lack of Sex Appeal

There's a price for being too old and ugly.

When lawyer Charles Bonfante decided to create Long Island’s first Pink cover band, his hopes were high. 40-year-old singer Collette McLafferty was hired by Bonfante’s collaborator Rik Nevone to front the band, titled Funhouse after Pink’s fifth album. Although Bonfante, whose previous claim to fame was drumming for a Michael Bolton tour, did not want McLafferty or other “subpar” musicians in his group, Nevone went ahead and booked a local show for Funhouse. But when the show wasn’t the game-changing success that Bonfante imagined, he filed a $10 million lawsuit against McLafferty, claiming that her lack of sex appeal and talent ruined his project’s chances of success.

The suit claims that “McLafferty was a mediocre vocalist at best . . . She had pitch problems, oftentimes singing flat for extended periods of time.” But McLafferty stated “the really insulting part is he said I would harm the public because I can’t sing and I’m too unattractive to front this kind of a band. I don’t think it’s his place to tell anyone that they’re not good looking enough to follow their dreams.” The singer, who was paid only $75 for the gig, has filed a countersuit, imagining Pink’s advice “would be to stay strong, not to slink back and not let anyone bully you.”

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  • Hi I am the singer in this article. The story that I was sued for being “too old and too ugly” is not true at all. Your headline is false.

    I would appreciate it if you would take down this article or change the headline to reflect what actually happened.

    The lawsuit I was named in was between 2 men. It was a breach of contract dispute that I was dragged into. The actual case had nothing to do with me. I look just fine and I am not old. Thanks.