VIDEO: ShowYouSuck Feat. Mr. MFN eXquire “Carne Asada”

A song about our favorite burrito filling? Well no, but “Carne Asada” is a rather enjoyable collaboration between ShowYouSuck from Chicago’s Treated Crew and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire.

We first heard this song on eXquire’s 19-track mixtape, The Man in the High Castle, which he released himself last week against the wishes of his record label. Now it appears the song will also appear on ShowYouSuck’s upcoming One Man Pizza Party 3 – Rest in Pizza. \

The clip features Show, eX and company getting turnt up on the streets of the Chi and at one of the city’s Harold’s Chicken Shacks.  While location make us hungry, lines like “Eskimo Brown. I got a mink dick /I breathe on a bitch she gon’ be frostbit” and “your boyfriend got a man-gina/ sittin’ on couches eatin’ jumbalaya” make us laugh out loud. Get your fill of “Carne Asada” above.

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