Premiere: ShowYouSuck “Make-Out King”

Whips and rhymes are a fresh combo. No bones about it.

Chicago’s ShowYouSuck dropped this crazy new video for his single, “Make-Out King,” on some “Corpse Bride,” type shit. The video’s got some simple claymation with an ’80s style feel, paying homage to an era when music videos actually chose to use the artform. Dope for sure, with ShowYouSuck continuing that ’80s feel and going as far as referencing Journey in his hook and the beat’s sampling. Rad.

The Hood Internet and Javelin joined together to produce the track, with ShowYouSuck spitting some Zack Morris-type of cool. The rapper lays some rhymes down about macking on girls, bragging in an almost elementary way, but that doesn’t take from the uniqueness of his style. ShowYouSuck is rad, cool, pop-culture savvy, and is pretty confident about making out with your girl in different models of cars. He’s the make out king, “those other fools prince charming.”

Peep the video above and check out ShowYouSuck’s album, Dude Bro presented by Closed Sessions, on iTunes.

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