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Show You Suck “OMPP4: Slice After Death”

Show You Suck “OMPP4: Slice After Death”

Show You Suck Gwar t-shirt

Chicago-based artist Show You Suck is back with the fourth installment of his “One Man Pizza Party” mixtape series entitled, OMMP4: Slice After Death. The project features remixes from the previous releases, as well as two new tracks, one of which we put you up on yesterday. Producers like The Hood Internet, Cardo, and Thelonious Martin body the beats, while Show handles the rhymes. It looks like this may be the last installment of the series, but let’s be honest, we can’t expect one man eat pizza by himself forever. While I’m still only the second run through mixtape, “Mom Jeans 2.0″ is in the lead for my favorite track. But I also love girls in mom jeans, so I’m kind of biased.

Listen to OMPP4: Slice After Death below and download the entire project here.

Show You Suck OMPP4 Slice After Death Cover Artwork

Devin P-B doesn’t actually like girls in mom jeans, but he is on Twitter @its_DPB