Show You Suck “Flip Phone”

Don't you hate when you fall in love, and then find out that the girl of your dreams has a flip phone? #Ratchet.

Show You Suck with a jean vest and wolf t-shirt Flip Phone

Show You Suck is back with a smooth new track entitled “Flip Phone,” produced by the young beat king Thelonious Martin. The Windy City MC elaborates on the struggles of trying to maintain a relationship with a chick from the Chi, who ends up moving to NYC and becomes a blogger. The only problem is when the two link up again, several months later, she starts acting all high maintenance and ish. Show You Suck tries to overlook their differences, but certain aspects of his lost love get in the way, namely her ratchet-ass flip phone. How many emcees do you know that can rap about a flip phone and still make it sound dope? That’s right — one.

Listen to “Flip Phone” below and be on the lookout for Show You Suck’s new mixtape, OMPP4, which drops tomorrow.

If you think this song is about you, then you need to get a new phone.

Show You Suck cover artwork for Flip Phone produced by Thelonious Martin

Devin P-B does not use a flip phone, but he is on Twitter @its_DPB

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