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Shots Fired: Meek Mill Tells Wale #UNOTMMG

Shots Fired: Meek Mill Tells Wale #UNOTMMG

Yesterday, Meek Mill announced the release date for his upcoming album Dreams Are Worth More Than Money, which is set to drop on September 9. Everyone on Maybach Music Group— including Rick Ross, Sav, and Stalley— showed support for Meek’s new album, but Wale’s Twitter account was silent. Meek Mill felt some type of way about the lack of love from Wale and took to the Internet to channel his frustrations.

Wale insult 1
Wale insult 2
Wale insult 3

Rick Ross has yet to make a statement about Wale’s MMG status, but we’re eagerly awaiting his response. Considering how much the Internet loves to bash on Wale this will probably become a larger issue than it really is. Is Wale at fault? Probably not. Does the Internet care? Definitely not.

tremendous internet shade on wale

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