Shoebox Memories: Belgium’s Skate Scene from ’88 to ’99


When it comes to vibrant skate culture and inner city skate scenes, we often think of the glory days of Philadelphia’s Love Park, San Francisco’s Embarcadero, and in New York, the era of skate rats flocking to Washington Square park before Giuliani cracked the whip and Tompkins became the place to be.

While everyone was focused on skating in the U.S. some important movements in cities all around the world went unnoticed for years–including the thriving skate scene in Ghent, Belgium.

Recently a group of skaters teamed up with publishing company Topo Copy to tell the story of Belgium’s lesser-known skate scene through pictures of people, places, moments, and other images ranging from ’88 to ’99. Below are some pictures from the book along with the list of featured skaters and photographers. If you want to buy a copy get on it now as there are only a few copies of 100 that were originally printed left. You can cop at Topo Copy’s site.

Skaters: Benjamin Baetens, Bert Anselin, Daan Imschoot, David Neirings, Joe Van Aubel, Manuel “Slick” Thiry, Bert Anselin, Yves Meirlaen, Kenn Volbrecht, Luk De Graef, Dries De Vreeze, Lode Covent, Ferre De Graeve, Christophe “Primo” De paepe, Jens Holmes, Stijn Lammertyn, Christophe Haeck, Steve Dereviere, Adriaan Verwee, Jurgen De Ridder, Antony Gazulla, Hans Verbeke, Joachim Van Herzeele, Steve Caballero, Ray Barbee, Unknown

Photographers: Yann Bertrand, Mekhitar Garabedian, David Neirings, Klaas Baert, Stijn Lammertyn, Christophe De paepe, Stijn Lammertyn, Nele Hourez, Nathalie Macharis, Tom Deseyne, Frank Cortvriendt, Quinten Tytgat, Jens Anseel, David Naessens


ghent3 ghent4 ghent5


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