Skater trick down stairs with crowd

Shutter Thug: Sheyla Grullon

Boogie Down productions.

Thanks to the Interwebs, these days skate videos are a dime a dozen. But the art of good old-fashioned skate photography? That’s a bit more elusive. So every week #OnTheGrind likes to honor the slow process of visual progress with our weekly feature on a shutter thug that we feel is capturing some awesome or unique shredding. 

This week’s Shutter “Thugette” is Sheyla Grullon, self-motivated skater and photographer extraordinaire. She’s picked up both forms of expression while traversing the streets of the South Bronx. Whenever she’s not bustin’ 5050s of her own at the 157 Skatepark on River Ave., she’s snapping shots of burgeoning locals like Supreme’s Tyshawn Jones. Check out her photos up top and words down below!

Skater dropping in on courthouse ledge

Mass Appeal: When did you first begin to shoot?

Sheyla Grullon: I started shooting in about 2011 when I bought a camera to catch skate footy, but ended up falling in love with skateboarding photography instead.

MA: What camera do you shoot most with?

SG: I love my Canon AE-1 film camera but when I have to shoot digital I use my Canon 7D.

MA: Besides the obvious, what would you say separates skateboard photographers from skateboard filmers? What qualities does it take to be great skate photographer?

SG: I think that most filmers capture the raw, fluid movement of skateboarding then edit their story later, while photographers capture moments on the spot. To be a great skate photographer you definitely need to skate yourself and vibe with other skaters.

MA: Any favorite photographers or idols?

SG: Mike Blabac and Jonathan Mehring for sure.

Skater trick down stairs with crowd

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