Holidays Artwork-1

Shane Chubbz “Holiday/Where I’m From”

London-based Shane Chubbz makes a splash with a new dual-video.

A relaxing day at the beach can turn sour real quick, as London-based rapper Shane Chubbz shows us in his latest video. Directed by Jon J of MMG, the video covers Shane’s “Holiday” and “Where I’m From.” The Nigerian-born rapper starts his day with a peaceful walk on what looks like Miami’s South Beach. As he’s taking in the sights, though, he’s abducted and held hostage, turning his holiday upside down.

The tracks are off Shane’s upcoming ’95 And Forever which will be out before the end of the year. The 18-year-old links up with frequent contributors DAP and Stan for the songs, both of which Shane wrote.  Keep an eye out for the young emcee, and peep his dual-video above.

Holidays Artwork-1

Holidays Artwork-1

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