Serena Williams Tennis

Serena Williams Rapping Doesn’t Have Us Open

She's been linked to rappers, but Serena Williams really wants to show that she's built to rock the mic. Brace yourself, she doesn't ace her stint in the recording booth.

Serena Williams Tennis

Listening to a demo of what is supposed to be Serena Williams rapping is this morning’s yuckfest. TMZ leaked the demo of Serena rhyming over a handclap heavy beat during a recording session at the B Major Music Group studio in Florida. No round of applause here, just crickets. We’re supposed to believe it’s really her because she identifies herself, then serves up D-level tennis metaphors. You’d think being the experienced player that she is, that there’d be references to the US and French Open, and her multiple grand slams, or shots at Samantha Stosur. Serena’s in a league of her own, just like these other cats faking the funk.



Serena Williams Tennis

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