Sene He Needed A Reason Pairadice

Sene “He Needed a Reason”

Sene He Needed A Reason Pairadice

Following his recent releases  with singer Dentia Odigie, Brooklknight Sene is planning to release an instrumental project at the top of the year titled Pairadice. Here we have the first cut “He Needed a Reason.” The minimalist yet multi-layered, pulsing beat complements the style of rhyming we’ve heard from Sene in the past. It’s trance-y, smooth, and calm–creating a perfect soundscape to vibe out to. By showing his production skills Sene’s proving he’s a triple threat. From rhyming, to songwriting, and now producing, Sene could be one of the most versatile new artists around. Check out “He Needed a Reason” above as well as our Video Print with Sene below.

Sene He Needed A Reason Pairadice

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