Sene and Pace Rivers Release “Salty Dogs” for New EP

Sene is at the top of his game on one of the Queens based producer's hardest beats ever.

Sene Salty Dogs

Bottom line, Sene just unleashed a lyrical monster. This isn’t the first time Sene has worked with director/producer Pace Rivers (“Blackboards“), but it may be the next level of the Brooklyn emcee’s flow over Pace’s production. Sene attacks the track with a non-stop assault of rhymes, full of his most complex lyricism, making at least a few listens worth your while. We got the chance to ask Pace Rivers and Sene for some background info about the track as well as Pace’s upcoming EP on which “Salty Dogs. (Mark of the Beast)” will be featured.

On the process of creating “Salty Dogs.”

Sene: I loved that beat the second I heard it, but it’s a bit slow for where I normally go musically. I told Pace let me sit with it and I would either break my own mold for it or give it to someone who I thought would do it justice. On a trip out to Switzerland to mix Brooklyknight I played it for No Games. He freaked out about it. He actually made me play it daily (for three weeks) before we’d start a session. When I came home I kind of played it out, so I let it be. One day I was rapping to myself and those opening lines came to me. As soon as I said the Doughboy line (a reference to my favorite scene in Boyz n the Hood) I thought, man, where’s that beat? I found it and then wrote the rest and recorded it immediately. Sent it to Pace and Aaronisnotcool and they loved it. I’m no longer one to sit on things too long once complete, so I said lets give it to the world.

Pace Rivers on his upcoming EP

Pace: I am indeed making an EP, but it’s not going to be ready to go until early Fall most likely. The project has been evolving for quite some time and is now totally different from where it originated. When the beat for “Salty Dogs” came out, I really felt like I had a sound to craft the rest of the project—something to make even staunch NY hip-hop heads take off their gas face and dance a bit. It’s going to feature some of my favorite emcees out right now, including Sene.

You can download  “Salty Dogs. (Mark of the Beast.)” from Bandcamp and keep a look out for Pace’s EP this Fall. By the way, if your still part of the small percentage hitting the snooze button, get up, get out, and go get Sene’s LP BrooklyKnight now.

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