Schumer compares Alcohol to Kool-Aid

Senator Seeks Ban on Palcohol Fearing it Will Become Kool-Aid

Charles Schumer is such a buzzkill.

Late April, we reported that Palcohol’s approval was reversed because there  was allegedly more powdered alcohol in the packets than its labels stated. Presuming they’ve corrected the problem, Palcohol is expected to hit retail shelves within the next month, that is, unless Senator Charles Schumer successfully gets the FDA to prohibit its sale.

Early May, Schumer referred to powdered alcohol as “absurd” and “scary.” He later cited the dangers of Four Loko before it was condemned by the FDA to preface the potential dangers of Palcohol. Believing that it can be mixed with water, sprinkled on food, or even snorted (even though Lipsmark, Palcohol’s parent company, says snorting the powder would be painful), Schumer asserts that Palcohol is “much more dangerous” and that “it will become the new Kool-Aid.” He believes Palcohol will only increase underage drinking and alcohol-influenced crimes and that retailers should realize this and ban Palcohol from their stores.

Lipsmark thinks otherwise and defends their product, assuring that Palcohol will fall under the same restrictions and regulations as liquid alcohol. Additionally, Palcohol’s website still claims the product would not only allow outdoor travelers to “enjoy adult beverages responsibly without having the undue burden of carrying heavy bottles of liquid,” but would also permit airline travelers to “conveniently and lawfully carry their favorite cocktail in powder format.” Not to mention, Palcohol could potentially have medical and energy uses as well.

Still, Schumer warns that Palcohol should not be given the opportunity to prove its naysayers wrong. Jim Buchy, a representative from Ohio, agrees with Schumer and has already helped make selling powdered alcohol illegal in Ohio. Buchy shared his thoughts stating, “We’ve got enough ways for people who are not responsible to abuse things, why give them another option?

While Schumer’s worries should be considered, the innovation behind Palcohol is undeniable. Not to mention, we’d all like to be able to get sauced on a five-hour flight for cheap.

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Schumer compares Alcohol to Kool-Aid

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