KAWS Companion Selim Varol

Selim Varol’s Art and Toy Story Exhibit

"At Home I'm a Tourist" is the name of the new exhibit by the famed art and toy collector, Selim Varol. His work is currently on display in Berlin, with thousands of toys to see. FAO Schwarz, pay attention.

Art and Toys Selim Varol At Home I'm A Tourist

Collecting art and toys ain’t no game for Selim Varol, it’s more like his retirement plan. Varol’s original KAWS, Shepard Fairey, and Ricky Powell prints, and skate decks from Supreme’s collabs with Mr., Damien Hirst, puts Varol at the top of the food chain as a true connoisseur of the pop art world. He’s been showing his work this month at me Collectors Room Berlin with over 200 other artists from SSUR to Barry Mcgee. This Friday, the gallery’s visitors will be treated to a talk with the toy guru. Details below:

What: “At Home I’m A Tourist” Exhibit
Where: me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation, Auguststrasse 68, 10117 Berlin
Date: 6.1.2012, 6.30 p.m.: Expert talk with Selim Varol

We don’t speak German, but if you’re versed in the language, Selim Varol is the highlight of this video at the 1:24 mark.

KAWS Companion Selim Varol

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