See BLADE, King of Graffiti, Paint a Train Live

Join us in Kingston, New York as graffiti legend Blade paints a train live

Photo by Martha Cooper

BLADE has already told his life story through graffiti. Now, more than 40 years into his career and armed with an incredible memory, BLADE sits down with Chris Pape to reflect on growing up in the Bronx in the turbulent 1970s, and recounts the highs and lows of his storied career, holding nothing back. BLADE is considered “The King of Graffiti” because, by 1980, after painting 5,000 wildly creative trains, he stopped counting. This book parallels the New York graffiti movement almost from its inception, moving through its glory years in the mid-1970s, when BLADE earned his title, and ending in the global art scene, where he remains a major presence. BLADE helped New York graffiti become internationally famous by making it look fun, and, for reasons of quantity, quality, and, perhaps above all, for sheer spirit, BLADE may very well be the most popular graffiti artist with his peers.

Please join The Trolley Museum of New York and Mass Appeal for a live painting/book signing event featuring the legend himself!

When: August 9th, 12 pm – 5 pm

Where: The Trolley Museum of New York
89 East Strand, Kingston New York 12401

BLADE will be painting a to-scale train façade in the Trolley Museum’s outdoor rail yard. Co-author Chris Pape will be on had to conduct a conversation with BLADE. Books will be on sale and BLADE is proud to sign YOUR copy!

To get to Kingston from New York City, we recommend using Adirondack Trailways and taking a cab from the bus station, or driving.

Blade King of Graffiti

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