Sebastian Linda’s “The Journey of the Beasts”

The skate adventure of a lifetime.

German filmmaker Sebastian Linda’s new film The Journey of the Beasts is finally available for viewing online, and boy was it worth the wait. Following the excellent The Revenge of the Beasts, his new film chronicles a skate adventure to Bali, Indonesia. The 11-man team that joined him consists of Titus Dresden team riders Tom Kleinschmidt, Richard Naumertat, and Erik Groß, along with Thomas Meinel, David Raderecht, Christian Döbrich, Steffen Krones, Octavio Trindade, Julius Dittmann, and Team Titus pro Vladik Scholz.

Filmed immaculately and as creatively as possible, the dreamlike nature of the shots give the film a surreal aspect. It successfully captures the magical essence of skateboarding and how seeing a skateboard awakens the curiosity. Boiling heat, an unforgettable encounter with Mr. Elektro, packs of mentally disturbed monkeys, and 100% skateboarding define the three-week program on the road less traveled.

As Sebastian Linda puts it himself, “24 years ago I saw the first skateboarder in my life. Since that day, I had the dream of being a skateboarder. 24 years later, we took our skateboards and taveled to the other side of the world to create that dream for someone else.”

Judging by the footage, he just may have.


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