Seapunk Albert Redwine Ultrademon SPLASH008

Seapunk Makes Big Splash With Ultrademon & DJ Kiff Album and Video

Still waters run deep in the fall season with a refreshing collaborative video and album.

Bubbles Coral Records DJ Kiff Album Ultrademon Splash008

The inaugural summer of Seapunk‘s rise is over, yet the newest compilation by Ultrademon & DJ Kiff referencing Paul Wall‘s ubiquitous catchphrase and song—”Internet Going Nutz”—is a reminder of the cult genre’s fanfare. DJ Kiff a deft producer remixing Top 40 acts like Rihanna and Alicia Keys is in concert with Ultrademon, also known as Albert Redwine, merging their musical tastes for pop, hip-hop, and ’90s era dance music on SPLASH008.

The accents to their productions are the aquatic sound effects that flourish “Thinkin’ Bout U” and “Yr So Wet 3.0.” The element of water is the recurring theme with each digital release on the Coral Records Internazionale label. It’s noted in song and the album titles, cover art, T-shirts and crewneck sweaters branded with images of dolphins, palm trees, and bubbles. An oasis of enjoyment awaits for listeners to be quenched by their refreshing spin on dance music, aptly known as Seapunk.

Sonically and visually, Seapunk’s association to aquatic life is akin to the organic nature of which the term was coined. In June, New York based DJ Lil Internet tweeted about a dream which was mentioned in the Noticed section of The New York Times. He said, “Seapunk leather jacket with barnacles where the studs used to be.” A hashtag would soon become the digital prefix to seapunk spawning a flurry of tweets by its growing number of fans. More mythology trickles down to the evolution of one of the flagship songs from Coral Records Internazionale, which draws from Albert Redwine’s family and hometown of Kansas City. He says,

“Originally “Yr So Wet 1.0” was a track that was put on a tape compilation for raise funds for a space that used to exist in my hometown called The Center for the Advancement of Transmodern Awareness aka C.A.T.A. At the time, it wasn’t named “Yr So Wet,” that name was inspired from my sister Zombelle since it was a lyric in one of her songs. At that point clearly it was “2.0.” This third installment is now a collaboration effort with Brick Bandit DJ Kiff. Actually the whole EP is!”

The new video for “Yr So Wet 3.0” was released today. The animated accompaniment—created by Kevin Heckart—is an adventure in a universe where water looks like it flows infinitely, a green haired animated character swerves to the beat, and archways are painted with gold. Take a dip.

Seapunk Albert Redwine Ultrademon SPLASH008

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