Sean Price releases the freestyle "Unorthodox P"

Sean Price “Unorthodox P”

Sean Price vs. DJ Premier

The self-proclaimed “brokest rapper you know,” aka Sean Price jacked Joey Badass’ DJ Premier-produced track “Unorthodox” to create the freestyle “Unorthodox P.” The track is pretty short, clocking in at one minute and 31 seconds, but P gives you a verse that covers everything from Al Sharpton to Peabo Bryson (which he transcribed himself for you). Check out “Unorthodox P” below, along with his transcribed verse.

I SAID Here I come/ready or not
Hear my gun/ sean shoot mom dukes like where my son?
He a good boy a asset to the community /foolery/
Hood boy blast a tek to eulogy
My pals often walk wit the lead /black Power
Al Sharpton talked to the Feds
Black coward
The marijuana eases /the rhyme/
The mind shine like Farrakhan speeches
Bean pie final call/Break backs /Mean guy spinal cord
Debo writing p flow frightening
Do it with or without you Peabo Bryson
Figure ya flow better /I figure four flows like lil bro from the pro era
Original gun clappin’ /spit bodies remember it’s fun rappin’

Sean Price releases the freestyle "Unorthodox P"

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