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Scott Campbell “Things Get Better” at OHWOW Gallery in LA Opens TONIGHT

Scott Campbell “Things Get Better” at OHWOW Gallery in LA Opens TONIGHT


Scott Campbell has made a name for himself in the art world coming from tattoo culture as the founder of Saved Tattoo shop in Brooklyn and having left his permanent mark on everyone from Marc Jacobs to Terry Richardson and Heath Ledger to Dash Snow. The aesthetics of his tattoo work have heavily influenced his fine art, but for his latest body of work he focuses on his fascination with the tools of the trade.

Things Get Better, Scott Campbell’s latest solo exhibition opens tonight at OHWOW gallery in Los Angeles. The New York-based artist takes to other mediums in order to express human ingenuity and innovation in the most trying times. Drawing inspiration from the prison tattoo culture, the subject of Campbell’s exhibition is makeshift tattoo devices. While in Mexico City, Campbell found that prisoners were using various objects including electric razors, guitar strings, and tooth brushes in order to get inked. Using whatever means available to them, the prisoners inspired Campbell to create his own devices.

Campbell created these makeshift devices for aesthetic rather than practical use. His series highlights the power of creativity under restriction, and the power of human innovation. Things Get Better will feature a series of ink wash paintings, using only black ink for the works, a technique reminiscent of traditional black and grey tattoos. Things Get Better opens tonight at OHWOW Gallery from 7-9pm and will be up through June 22, 2013.

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