Scarface’s Son Found In Good Health

A look at the larger issue of autistic wandering.

After a week of searching, authorities confirm that Brandon Jordan, son to Geto Boys rapper Scarface, was found in good health Thursday morning. Jordan’s mother, Melissa Lollis, said the 20-year-old left their Leimert Park home after becoming agitated. The concern for his whereabouts was growing, as Jordan is high-functioning autistic and was without his cell phone and wallet. According to a Los Angeles ABC affiliate report, police did not say where Jordan was located and no further information was immediately available.

The news of Jordan’s disappearance came just months after autistic teen Avonte Oquendo went missing in New York City. His remains were discovered on a Queens beach late last month. The 14-year-old was laid to rest on Jan 25th, four days before Jordan’s disappearance.

A study published in late 2012 discovered that children with autism are “four times more likely to wander than their typically developing siblings.” A related study found that “half of parents of children with autism report that their child elopes, with the behavior peaking at age four.” (Elope in this and following contexts means to wander without notice.) “Among these families, nearly 50% say that their child went missing long enough to cause significant concern about safety.” The latter study also found the following:

  • Wandering was ranked among the most stressful ASD behaviors by 58% of parents of elopers
  • Half of families with elopers report they had never received advice or guidance about elopement from a professional
  • Children with ASD are eight times more likely to elope between the ages of 7 and 10 than their typically-developing sibling

We are all relieved to hear that Brandon is well, and in light of Avonte’s tragic passing, the federal government has announced that they will be paying for tracking devices for kids with autism as they do for elderly with Alzheimer’s. You can learn more about the initiative and how to apply here.

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