Say “I Care” With a Mass Appeal Valentine Card

Cards are corny. So is Valentine's Day. But hating isn't going to get you laid.

Rappers are nasty. They’re profane, crude, rude, obscene, mean, graphically offensive, and explicit without boundary. But you knew that, and we did too. And there’s a place for all that . . . stuff, just not tomorrow. Go ahead and make the argument that Valentine’s Day is corny, the sussest of holidays created by the greeting card industry to keep you from copping those Tiffanys/Red Octobers. Then let us know what your girl thinks of that stance. Right. Now, regroup, man up, and accept your fate. You will succumb to the Valentine’s Day tide and have fun with it, and rap isn’t going to play a part. Well, until now. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to bend the rules and see what sort of self-amusemnt could come out of it. With that said, please enjoy these rap-inspired Valentine’s cards. They are safe for everyone of all ages, and available for your downloading pleasure. Additional pleasure not guaranteed.

MA Valentine's Day Cards

Click on the image above to download the cards.

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