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Samurai 2012 photography ninja beach

Samurai made you look. Check Mass Appeal daily as we document a player in the sticker game. Behind their shameless promotion in the physical realm, there also lies their digital presence as a website, Tumblr, or Twitter handle. That’s what’s up.

Bill Clinton Democratic National Convention Samurai

Sticker: Samurai

Graphic: 1) Ninja on Beach 2) Bill Clinton

Location: SoHo, LES


Context: Take the Futura Bold Oblique font family and slap it in between a red box, and the fish will stop swimming for a moment. Barbara Kruger and Supreme New York are responsible for making that trend commonplace. Samurai does it too, but with a little more imagery to boot. Rather than be cliché through one of world’s most famous fonts, a picture of a lady in a bikini complete with ninja mask, and a shot of former President of the USA Bill Clinton makes Samurai more striking than just another red adhesive strip jockeying for eyeballs.

It’s not exactly clear if is the original source of the snipe campaign. With a name like M. Samurai requesting credit for all photography taken from his site, like the black and white shot of the beach ninja, there doesn’t seem to be any others claiming the Samurai name or this recent style. According to his site, the description reads, “I’m a fun guy I love to express myself through comedic nonsense. This blog is a collaboration of my art and miscellaneous photos (fashion, design and other art).”

So far, Clinton and the ninja are two most popular posters seen throughout downtown NY. Election season is coming up though, so it might be wise to go harder with the Samurai promo because Bubba will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention on September 5th. Wait, is there a subliminal message at work with Clinton’s mug on the poster? One one hand, he’s lauded as a great president, yet he HariKari’d his Presidency by getting impeached. The sword cuts both ways. See what we did right there? Picture that, like a Kodak.

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