Is Sammy Baca the Gnarliest Dad Ever?

Sammy Baca skate

For those who follow skating, the name Sammy Baca brings to mind the words “hesh,” “gnarly,” and “thrasher”–definitely not “gentle and caring.” For years we’ve watched the long haired, tattooed, gang member look-alike, chug beers while ripping the most intimidating bowls and pools known to mankind. Watching Sammy skate is like watching a pit bull attack: he’s viscous, quick, and precise.

The clip from Converse above  gives us a glimpse at another side of the thrashing Las Vegas resident. We see the 25-year-old skater living the role of a father as he cares for his infant son throughout the day–taking him along to spots all around Sin City. Check out the clip above and for those who don’t know exactly how gnarly he is, check out some old footy of Baca below.

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