From Fine Art to Throw Ups, It’s “Child’s Play” for Same

"Fine art is a great hustle and right now that hustle is working."

Words by Monsieur Sebastian Schavoir

You could spend Valentine’s Day at some pricey rip-off of a restaurant eating week old sea scallops, or you could spend it taking in some fuckin’ culture. NYC artist Same aka Jacuzzi Chris aka Machine is opening a solo exhibit tomorrow at ACME from 6 to 9 p.m. and you’d be seriously slipping if you missed out.

“Child’s Play” sees Same expand from graffiti to “App Art.” The new movement imitates the Internet-generation’s concept of what art is: immediate, accessible, and disposable. In the confines of Same’s internet inspiration, images are constantly updated and outsourced. Once painted, the digital and intangible is manipulated into a palpable body of fine art.

Art Start youth artist emcees will perform an original set against the backdrop of 44″x44″ gallery framed mixed media paintings. Portions of the art sales benefit Art Start outreach programs.

We caught up with Same to talk about the show, his art, and how the Peter Pan Posse came to be, but mostly to let him talk smack and bask in its glory.

jm- pp adjusted

Mass Appeal: Tell us about the humbler beginnings of PPP

Same: Peter Pan Posse was conceived in a white hot electrical field like the terminator. I was nude on the 2 train. PPP made its first appearance as a song, “The Trip P Anthem” during our Team Facelift years. PPP was born when our homegirl Cat Marnell was in rehab and left us with her apartment on Ave C for a month. We trapped it out the entire time. Sold drugs, created an album (REMURDER), bombed every night and had a revolving door of dirtbags, socialites, prostitutes, dealers and artists. Our nights were fueled by Ballantines, extacy, #Ohbaby, empanadas, Rusto fumes and women. Not much has changed.

MA: Tell us about some of the art you have for sale on your site –the World Trade Center image in particular.

Same: As a born and raised New Yorker, 9/11 completely redefined the city for me. Not only did it change the physical and cultural landscape but personally it was a turning point. I had dropped out of school, I was partying, bombing, getting arrested. Typical shit. I was painting the J line tunnels at 5 a.m. on September 11th. I got home just in time to see the first tower hit. I ate a bacon egg and cheese and watched the towers drop. That’s when a part of my life ended. I use the towers in my art because it’s absolutely the most important event that has happened in my life. It follows me everyday. I also use the images to help me deal with my feelings about the state of New York and the demons that have risen from its ashes.

World Trade Center SAME

MA: How would you describe your fine art?

Same: Fine art is anything you put in a gallery setting. Shit in a box then sell it. Fine art is a great hustle and right now that hustle is working. I need to create and destroy. These are the only two things I’m passionate about in life. Fine art is the creation and bombing is the destruction. I need both like drugs. My art is a reflection of my lifestyle and upbringing.

MA: How would you describe your graffiti on the streets?

Same: Graffiti is my pure uncut. It’s that Phillip Seymour Hoffman boy boy in the veins. It’s an addiction like no other drug. I’ll paint until I get busted, catch a tag in the cop car, scratch tags in jail and in court, and I’d catch a sloppy Do ‘Em Dirty tag on a judges face if I could. We never stop dancing with the devil. We only sit out a song or two. If you haven’t seen me up in a while it’s because of court problems or I’m making money doing something else. I’m a bomber. I don’t piece and I don’t do anything legal. I do it for myself first and foremost then for my crew then for girls to see near their crib

jm- woody adjusted

MA: How does it feel when you’re street bombing in the snow? And have you ever gone street bombing in the snow via sled?

Same: Once that snow hits it’s time to clock into work. Like my homie REMO says, a blizzards the once a year wave and we The Big Kahunas. I’m like Swayze in “Point Break” with the flowing golden locks at bells beach. A blizzard is 8-10 hours of suicide bombing. Take out all the hot boy spots. Delancey, Houston, Canal etc. You climb the unclimbable and paint the unthinkable. It’s a beautiful event. I’ve painted by horse-drawn carriage, petty cab, jetski and by tying up girls in fur coats and having them drag me by sled. I call them MUSH GANG.

MA: What makes what you do so tender and special?

Same: I’m a marble statue in the Met. I don’t fuck with these humans pieces of street art. These gorgeous features were sculpted by Zeus himself. Plus I have the undying love of Mother Theresa herself. I accept every hater with the compassion of Christ. I ask myself…How can I be mad when I created you?

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