Sam Siegel – “American Degenerate”

Sam Siegel – “American Degenerate”

American Degenerte

After over a year-long hiatus, New York native Sam Siegel is back with a brand new mixtape entitled, American Degenerate. The 18-track project showcases the Upper West Side MC’s development as a lyricist, as he enlightens listeners on his travels and experiences since dropping his last mixtape, Good Looks. American Degenerate features production work from the likes of Adrian Lau, Sir Meelf, Entreproducer, and many more. You can also catch some standout verses from East Palo MC Hefna Gwap and Brooklyn emcee Domo O. Briggs on the project.

Listen and download the American Degenerate below, and be on the lookout for more from Sam Siegel.