Atiba Jefferson is on Top for a Reason

Started from the bottom now he here!

Most skaters know him simply as Atiba. If you ever picked up a Transworld Skateboarding magazine in the late ’90s or early 2000s, you’ve definitely seen his photos. He is legendary within skate culture. His craft, however, has taken him above and beyond a board, two trucks, and four wheels.

Saint Archer Brewery, whose owners include skateboard pros Paul Rodriguez, Mikey Taylor, Bryan Herman, and Eric Koston among others, selected Atiba Jefferson for the third installment of their “Ambassador Project.” The beautifully shot black and white piece is punctuated by an inspirational Explosions In The Sky soundtrack. The piece chronicles Atiba’s start in small-town Colorado as an amateur photographer and his move to Los Angeles to assist Grant Brittain at Transworld before the release of their first video, Uno.

Since then, he has become a notable photographer shooting everyone from NBA ballers to A-list celebrities (make sure you check out his site to get a taste of his work). In short, there’s nothing better than seeing someone with humble beginnings get inspired by his passion for skateboarding and use it to make a name for himself.

Let’s crack a beer for Atiba.

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