Sagan Lockhart at "Tyler and Earl Pictures" Gallery

Sagan Lockhart On Odd Future, L.A., and Hustler

Before Odd Future blew up, Tyler, The Creator was interning for now OF photographer Sagan Lockhart at Diamond Supply Co.

Last Sunday I had the chance to meet with Odd Future affiliated photographer Sagan Lockhart, along with his friend Josh Terris (co-creator of Fersher Mag). We skated around downtown Manhattan making our way from Supreme to DQM, where we saw OG Menace rider Lee Smith. We eventually made our way to the famous skate spot 12th and A- but of course after grabbing a few slices of NYC pizza that the two Californian’s were eager to have. Sagan’s passion for photography was evident throughout the day, as he snapped pictures of almost every thing he saw (including homeless people)- let alone taking multiple pictures of one thing with his iPhone and film camera.

The following are some questions that were asked from the time I spent with Sagan during his trip to NYC- which included his gallery, a visit to MTV, a visit to Terry Richardson‘s, and finally the ensemble of OF shows that took place on Thursday July 26th. Check out pictures on Fersher and Josh’s site for some shots from their NYC adventure.

Mass Appeal: Are you originally from L.A.?

Sagan Lockhart: “Nah I’m actually from a little bit outside L.A., about 45 minutes. Some desert suburban shit. If there’s no traffic it’s like 20-30 minutes from downtown L.A. I go there to skate and my moms from there, plus I’ve worked out there for the last 4 or 5 years. I’ve only officially lived in L.A. for a little over a year now. What happened was I had a car and was commuting but one time I drove up to San Francisco on a trip and the car died on the way back. I didn’t have money to fix it so I just sold it, moved out of my parents house and said fuck it.”

What is Fersher Mag? 

“We’ve (Sagan and Josh Terris) only done two issues of Fersher so far. It’s a lot more work then you would think. There about 40-50 pages of pictures and we had an interview with Earl and some other kids in the last issue.  Well, it wasn’t really an interview. It  was just me recording them saying ridiculous stuff. Kids were kinda upset because they were expecting a normal interview, but come on I’m not gonna do some normal shit.”

What’s your relationship with Odd Future?

“These kids, man it’s crazy. I used to buy them lunch and shit all the time and make them pack my boxes at Diamond (Supply CO.), now I work for them. Everything got flipped. I used to be like ‘yo Tyler you need to get off the computer and help these customers’ – he’s was like my intern. They were about to hire him at Diamond and then his shit popped off. That would have been interesting.”

Did you go to school for photography?

“I was about to drop everything I was doing and take out a loan to go to school for photography because it was something I always wanted to do. I ended up just getting a camera and fucking around and this shit ended up going well, so I was like why not just skip that whole process.”

What originally inspired you to get into photography?

“My Godfather was a photographer in Florida working for Hustler. I used to go to Florida to see him when I was younger and he would have girls around the house.”

Your relationship with Fairfax and street wear?

“I Used to skate down there and I used to work for The Hundreds. I’ve known those dudes since the company was small. I actually got fired from The Hundreds and started working with Diamond Supply at the Fairfax store. When I went on tour with OF and  returned I started working at the warehouse. I also manage the OF store on the weekends to. I live on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Fairfax so I’m right in the middle of everything.”

What other projects have you shot for?

“I just worked on the Huff look book”

What was your original outlet for your photos?

“I started taking pictures a few years ago, put them on Tumblr because it was easiest way and they started buzzing.”

Tyler the Creator and Juelz Santana by Sagan Lockhart

“This is Tyler, Juelz, and the homey Gilbert who’s also in/works for Odd Future. We got to see Dipset perform at Paid Dues…one of the funnest times ever” –Sagan Lockhart

Tyler and Earl shot by Sagan Lockhart

“This one was taken at Pan Pacific Park in Hollywood. Tyler was shooting something for CCS and I just snagged this pic of him, his manager’s daughter Chloe, and Earl.” – Sagan Lockhart

Sagan Lockhart at "Tyler and Earl Pictures" Gallery

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