Safe House USA: Streetwear for Your Home

Finally, a brand that brings street style into the bedroom ... Come take a peek.

Black Marble

It’s VFiles meets Alexander Wang’s first Balenciaga collection meets your bed. Safe House USA brings street style inside, with duvet sets (from $375) and throw pillows ($40) that creative director Keehnan Konyha calls “streetwear for the home.”

Punctuation Print

Konyha, a New York-based interior designer, started Safe House in the beginning of August, adopting the same strategy that made Supreme the streetwear mecca we know and love: eye-catching prints in limited edition runs. The inaugural prints include elaborate white-and-black marble, to back-to-school patterns like composition notebooks and punctuation marks, to the simple black-and-white grid. It was actually that classic looking grid that inspired Konyha to start Safe House in the first place. He couldn’t find it anywhere else, so he decided to make it himself. Konyha plans on dropping new lines to coincide with fashion week cycles, interspersed with artist and designer capsule collections.

White and Black Grid

One note on the fabric: the sheets are  polyester, but Konyha says not to worry. He promises it feels the same as the cotton you’re used to cuddling up with, plus the fabric allows for printing the brightly colored sets to come next spring.

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  • Jane Smith

    streetwear touch at home!

    Oh and also, since you’re also a big supporter of streetwear, you should definitely come check out SuperDap! They have got a few of the world ‘s most superior labels aboard. Chrome Hearts, A Bathing Ape, Supreme NYC, Kenzo etc. I presume you’ll like a great deal of everything you notice! Anyways, it had been good to be here to share this moment alongside you.