An Open Letter to Das Racist

I just learned about your break-up, and I am deeply saddened.

Dear dudes from Das Racist,

I just learned about your break-up, and I am deeply saddened.

Can you imagine what it would have been like if Twitter was around in 1970 when the Beatles broke up? I’m seeing Das Racist-mania online right now and I feel so confused. Could John Lennon have talked you dudes off the ledge if he was still here? Yoko would probably come at y’all on some Asian shit, insisting that you stay together because the dark-meated Asians need a voice in rap. Yoko has love for Cuba—and Columbus was trying to sail to the Indies—so Kool A.D. the half-Cuban woulda got love, too.

There’s so much pressure here in this rap game. I’ve been there, back in my younger, formative years. The parties, the designer jeans, the doe-eyed white women…jealous rappers and back-up dancers who have nothing but dance in their lives. Who want to take your spot. Today, you have hipsters to contend with, though. I never had to deal with that. Back when my band was in full swing—aka ego trip—we didn’t have to deal with whiteboy hipsters who think they know more about rap and hip hop than you. That woulda been a tough pill to swallow for me.  Like, dude, really? You like my band because we’re “exotic” and “dangerous” and your girlfriend likes us (and wants me) because of the “spice” I might bring to the bedroom? (The Indian brothers in Das might have the edge on that bedroom spice, though. Actually, an Indian dude in the the office pointed out the the PC way to go here “South Asian.” He also insists that Dap’s peeps are from Sri Lanka. Indian fact checking? Check).

That’s the problem with things today. I’m sure you Das Racist brothers had a bevy of challenges to contend with. People thinking they understand race, and understand where you’re coming from, who either wanna jump on your dollar-van bandwagon or wanna challenge you on some intellectual shit because they have college degrees and no place to put that torrid piece of paper to work. Me personally—and I think I can speak for most of the ego trip guys—we were proud of you because you took what we did in books and on the small screen and delivered a bit of that attitude and spirit back to the boom bap. Fuck reading a book! Lemme listen to these colored dudes while I’m caressing my cat or twisting an L. I deeply appreciate the proactive approach y’all took, and I’m saddened by the fact that Chairman Mao can’t rap. If he could, by George, we woulda beat y’all to the mic by 10 years. Trust, fam.

Seriously though, working with the same cats for years and years ain’t easy, and the folks who do, you have to commend them because that shit is like a marriage, and if you’re already married it’s like, who would be stupid enough to wanna have two wives? (No disrespect to my Muslim peeps out here. If you’ve got it like that fam, then don’t let my Western mindset get in the way of what you do.) I think you Das Racist dudes should be proud of the work that you’ve done, and I’m sure your music will go on to influence a new generation of dark-meated Asians and Latinos. As far as moving on from the art that you’ve created, just remember that you can’t rely on your past glories to take you to the top in the present. Keep doing the new joints. I see Heems and K.A.D. doing it with the solo joints. And Dap is soon to be right there with y’all.

Keep it love in the streets and in the Tweets. Never soil your legacy in public. Sometimes, ego trippin’ can be a bad thing.

Hey hey, my my. It’s better to burnout, than to fade away…

With love and respect, your older black gentleman friend,

Sacha Jenkins SHR

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  • Starwars69

    Bart Simpen

  • EZ-P

    dude you guys are fucking weird as shit. an open letter? really? what a bunch of dick slurpers.

  • Michael Dallas

    Ez-P you are a wuss from the heartland who can fight and can’t dance and YOU my friend, are the slurper. your mother inverted the Slurpee as a matter of fact. i put that flavor in her mouth, by the way. the flavor that inspired the Slurpee. interested in guessing what that flavor is?