Sabotage Go Skateboarding Day 2014

Bring the mothafuckin' ruckus.

This year, New York and Los Angeles took the Go Skateboarding Day spotlight, mostly due to coordinated efforts (and $$$) of Nike SB. In Philadelphia however, Sabotage brings us their recap in the form of an almost 9 minute video of what Go Skateboarding Day was for them in the City Of Brotherly Love.

It wasn’t all fun and games in Philly, as many of the cops seemed to be unaware of the unofficial holiday, and arrests and tickets ensued.  Filmed in grainy VHS style, the whole east coast crew puts in serious work, filming the entire video in one day. Love Park makes some very strong appearances, despite the city’s best efforts to keep the former skate mecca skate-free. The skaters persevered, getting premium footage.  The soundtrack matches the footage, with gritty tracks from Showbiz & AG, as well as some faster paced tracks from artists like Hive, which create a great backdrop for this throwback-looking part.

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