SabeKST & Co. Get Up With Light-Bending Calligraphy and Graffiti

Sabe's newest project takes on light-bending.

Handstyle and throwie legend Sabe KST, also known for his calligraphy and his experimentation with colors and customization of industrial tools as brushes on unique surfaces, hit us up last week with a sick project involving lights and flares.

“The flare and LED tag concept is a joint project between Sabe KST and Kazewar and shot in Lower Manhattan,” Sabe told us via email. “It started out as a light-bending experiment with highway flares and LED lights to capture the motion and gesture in graffiti and calligraphy with some of the best hands in New York: Guess, Shaun, Remo, Faust, myself, Kazewar, Abra, Mn, Malvo and Kel 5MH.”

Sabe, whose studio is based in Bushwick, and who recently jumped into the music video direction arena, also revealed that his collaboration is “an ongoing project, documenting the most skilled and dedicated hand-styles from New York and abroad.”

See for yourself below, and follow Sabekst on Instagram where he posts daily.



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