Home News RZA Speaks On Wu-Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer’s Suicide Attempt
RZA Speaks On Wu-Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer’s Suicide Attempt

RZA Speaks On Wu-Tang Affiliate Christ Bearer’s Suicide Attempt


We recently shared that Andre Johnson (also known as Christ Bearer) may have been on PCP when he cut off his own penis and attempted suicide, and now RZA has spoken on the story with XXL. Though Wu-Tang initially denied an association with the rapper when he was incorrectly identified as Andre Roxx, RZA has now clarified Johnson’s Wu-Tang affiliations. It is now clear that Johnson is part of the duo Northstar, along with Meko The Pharaoh. Northstar released their RZA (under the alias Bobby Digital) produced debut album Bobby Digital Presents: Northstar in 2003 on Wu-Tang Productions.

RZA stated the following on the matter:

“Christ Bearer is a part of the West Coast Killa Beez, a bunch of young guys that was signed to our company 10 years ago. Wu-Tang, we’re from the East Coast. But we did invest in some young guys to try and help any hood. He was a guy from the hood that we gave a shot. I don’t make music with him nowadays. But the story—what he did—is incredible. That shit sound mythical.”

He also noted the tragedy of the situation stating:

“I feel sad for his family first and foremost; I know he has children. I thought he was a smarter guy than a guy who would do something crazy like that. But at the same time, he been in jail recently, he’s been in trouble. Maybe he’s mentally unstable. Maybe the mental health system should have took a look at him and said, ‘You know what? We got to hold on to this guy for a little longer.’ Because it’s not any sanity; even if you high, this shit don’t sound sane. This sounds more than high. It sound like mental problems or something that was bothering this man’s mind, and he needed help. It’s sad. I send my respect out to his family.”

Wu-Tang has been facing a variety problems recently, most notably Raekwon going on strike from the legendary group. This is all leading in to Wu-Tang’s imminent release of a new, one of a kind record that may garner the group millions of dollars.