RZA interview with Montreality

RZA Speaks On Wu-Tang’s Reunion Album, ODB’s Legacy, And More

RZA drops knowledge in his recent interview with Montreality. He also gives out a possible release date for the Wu-Tang reunion album.

RZA is one person who is known to always drop gems in his interviews. In this recent conversation with Montreality, RZA touched a variety of different topics such as the Wu-Tang reunion, what happened to his alter ego Bobby Digital, teenage jobs, and more. He also tells a story about one of his experiences with Ol’ Dirty Bastard. RZA is a wise man and his interviews aren’t just interviews – they’re learning experiences.

Oh yeah, and as far as the Wu-Tang reunion album, there is still hope for it. At one point, they were saying that the likelihood of it was very low but according to RZA, it may be released soon. Check out the interview to hear more.

RZA talks about a range of topics in his interview with Montreality

RZA interview with Montreality

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