Ryan Sheckler’s 15-Year Retrospective w/ Etnies

Ryan Sheckler’s 15-Year Retrospective w/ Etnies

Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Take the 15-year career of skateboard prodigy Ryan Sheckler. Believe it or not, but the kid’s been on a board and four wheels since he was 8 years old and his shoe sponsor Etnies has been along for the entire ride. The company recently compiled a 15-year retrospective that includes some of Scheckler’s greatest moments as told by skate royals like Attiba Jefferson and Arto Saari. The short also features Ryan describing in his own words the impact of growing up skateboarding and being blessed to do what he does. Man, I remember a few years back when it was popular to troll and poke fun at this kid, his MTV show deal, his tattoos etc., but not anymore. Hate it or love it, Sheckler’s got heart and any “mistakes” were only temporary. The “OG” (still 23 years old) has a legacy that’s certified in my book.

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Surprised Interview Yellow Shirt Hat Fingers
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