Ryan Adams “Gimme Something Good” Video

Ryan gives us a great video.

If listening to Ryan Adams’ music tell you anything about him, it’s that he is nostalgic. Adams manages to take on the qualities of musicians from yesteryear he loves and respects, whether that be Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, U2Bob Dylan, or even Prince. The results are always great.

In the music video for his Tom Petty-reminiscent track “Gimme Something Good,” Adams gets yet another boost from the past by featuring cult favorite Elvira in the visual. Directed by Michael Reich, the shots alternate between seductive images of the so-called “Mistress Of The Dark” over a white background and Ryan Adams (with one hell of a dark mop on his head) over a black background

Watch the video in the player above, and be sure to check out Ryan Adams’ self-titled album out September 9 on his Pax-Am label.


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