Run The Jewels Get Sketchy in New Video

Get your whole catalog snatched.

El-P and Killer Mike be flossin’ so heavy you might turn green with envy. Today they dropped a video for “Run the Jewels” off the title by the same name and it marks their continued slaughter of the music video game.

36″ Chain” was a blood-soaked caper as the dynamic duo sought to rescue their stuffed feline friend Killums. Things are often declared movies while not actually being so, but this shit was a movie. Then came “A Christmas F*cking Miracle” which was just El and Mike in a series of Christmas scenarios except that the awesomeness of Christmas combined with the kick assness of Run The Jewels created what can only be described as the realest f*cking Christmas card of all time.

And so the pair go 3 for 3 with “Run the Jewels,” a simple performance video with some dope animations over top. With the help of RUFFMERCY, these colorful characters get a literal change of hue, and the rest of are blessed because of it.

You can download Run The Jewels now, and receive a complementary axe kick to the chest for being so ridiculously late, over at Fools Gold.

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