Run the Jewels Get Silly as Hell With Stephen Colbert

RTJ presents your new Halloween anthem

Run the Jewels will be dropping by Stephen Colbert’s late show tonight and we’ve got a sneak peak at what you can look forward to.

Colbert sets the sketch up by lamenting the lack of new Halloween songs. To correct that problem, he introduces “The Halloween Wiggle,” a song that’s got that surf-y “Monster Mash” thing going on and some lame ass dance moves. That is, until El-P and Killer Mike step in to give it some real flavor. An epic battle is kicked off between Colbert’s old-school swing and Run the Jewels’ beats and bling.

You have to give them props for being able to still bring some quality rhymes to a joke song. At one point Killer Mike pulls out the hilariously nasty line, “Spread your cobwebs and arch your back, and I’ma stick my hand down your candy sack.”

Check out the whole video in the embed above.

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